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Wellbeing Foundation South Sudan WFSS is a community-based charity dedicated to promoting good mental health. WFSS aims to build capacity across South Sudanese’ mental health and suicide prevention. This is done through raising awareness, promoting, preventing, educating, and referring community members to mental health service providers. At WFSS, there is a focus on early intervention, as well as assisting mental health sufferers recover from their illnesses.

Programs in Australia of WFSS Mental Health services:

Wellbeing Foundation South Sudan (WFSS) seeks to improve the quality and availability of mental health services for South Sudanese living in South Sudan, Australia & worldwide. Addressing topics related to language barriers, as well as religious & cultural diversity can promote greater equity in mental health care.

For patients and consumers: multilingual information on mental health problems and treatments as well as information about how to find culturally appropriate mental health services.

For family members: information about resources and ways to help family members maintain their well-being.

For health care professionals: information on culturally appropriate assessment tools and methods, access to interpreters and cultural advisors. WFSS will also put forward any recommendations for treatment interventions tailored to the needs of the community, which must be culturally adaptable.

For community organizations: materials for education about support programs for people living with mental health problems, advocacy and assist in stigma reduction.

For organizations, Community Associations, policy makers, administrators: information on mental health disparities, recommendations to improve cultural competence in the organization, and models of mental health services and interventions to address diversity.

Programs in South Sudan of WFSS Mental Health Services:

The WFSS is seeking to:

  1. Promote better mental health awareness, mental illness prevention and early intervention, including suicide prevention for individuals and families from South Sudanese backgrounds.
  2. Support primary care professionals, including general practitioners and allied health service providers.
  3. Assist State and Territory mental health services to better respond to South Sudanese’s Mental Health, both culturally & traditionally.
  4. Support social inclusion for South Sudanese people living with mental health problems.
  5. Contribute to government policy discussions related to mental health.

Target groups for the project include:

  1. People of South Sudanese backgrounds impacted by mental illness.
  2. Carers, families and communities of people suffering from mental illness.
  3. State and Territory providers of public mental health services.
  4. Schools & Tertiary Institutions with South Sudanese students impacted by Mental illness or about to.
  5. Australian law enforcement agencies, particularly the police for support in case of any arising conflict.
  6. Government Departments (State & Federal), non-governmental agencies and community sectors.